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About Pacific Outdoor Living

Pacific Outdoor Living was founded to bring all elements of outdoor living under one roof. We specialize in landscape architecture, design and installation. Our professionallandscape architects will work with you one-on-one to turn your home into your ownpersonal paradise!

Pacific Outdoor Living offers a very unique service. We have built a very successful business on the following:

  1. Service the customer first, as our product is not just a completed landscape, but a customer who is delighted with it.
  2. Have a very efficient organizational structure so we can remain competitive.
  3. Have our own in house crews whether it is landscape, landscape design, paving, pools, ponds or turf. Anyone who comes to your home will be one of our employees.
  4. Have professionals in every aspect of our company from the staff that work in our office, to the designers and especially the crews.
  5. Understand that it takes an organization with many different functions to best service the customer. Most construction companies do not break these functions out into separate hats so many get lost and quite often it adversely effects the customer..
  6. Train every office staff, designer & crew member on what their hats are.
  7. We utilize courses and an apprentice program for every aspect of what we do.

Creating a backyard getawaynew pavingstone drivewayswimming poolpond,putting green or any other outdoor space all starts with an idea and we will help you develop that idea into something spectacular.

Pacific Outdoor Living is all about quality and customer satisfaction.

Giving each customer superior service and ensuring that he or she is 100% satisfied with our job leads to referrals – and getting referrals is the key to rocketing the expansion of our company. There is nothing worse for an honest salesman than to try to sell a bad product.

"When I tell people that we are simply the best – we use the best system, the best products, the best crews, and that I guarantee 100% satisfaction with their job, they believe me because it’s the truth!  It is very easy to get this across to the customer if it’s true.  If it’s not true, you can only tell the lie so many times before you and your company begins to self destruct."